Acre Of Farmland Up Slightly In Jefferson County

The annual Iowa State University Land Value Survey was released recently and found a modest one-point-seven percent statewide increase in the value of an acre of farmland in 2020, with the average price at $7,559. Here in Jefferson County the price is up $3 from last year, currently at $5,611. Van Buren County had the largest jump in the listening area, up $45 per acre to $5,260. Davis County is at $4,921, up 24 from 2019. Keokuk County is up $25 an acre sitting at $6,653. Wapello County is down $104 per acre at $5,522. Washington County is at $8,386 an acre, a dropoff of $207. Henry County had the most significant decrease, dropping by $238 per acre down to $6,663. 

Across the State, both Scott County and Decatur Counties reported the highest and lowest values for the eighth consecutive year. Despite having the highest overall value, Scott County actually decreased by $178 per acre to $10,659. Decatur County saw average values increase $264 per acre to $3,849. 

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