4 FHS Seniors Awarded Vic Rail Scholarship

The Vic Rail Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors announced the 2021 recipients of the award Wednesday night at the Fairfield High School Awards assembly. 

Winners were Chance Swan, Nathan Whitney, Yusuf Mohamed Halim and Brecken Courtwright. Swan intends to attend Indian Hills Community College pursuing a degree in math education, Whitney plans to attend the University Of Iowa, pursuing study in engineering, Halim also intends to become a Hawkeye pursuing an engineering career. Courtwright plans to go to Iowa State University aiming at a career in mathematics.

A total of $5k was awarded to the 4 students raising the overall figure to $91,250, this being the 35th year awards were handed out after Mr. Rail retired from teaching in 1985. His influence on his students as a Fairfield High School math teacher was the prime reason for starting the Scholarship Foundation. 

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