3 Covid Related Deaths Reported In Listening Area On Monday

46 new Covid related deaths were reported from Around the State on Monday, One coming from Wapello County their 93rd. Another was reported in Henry County their total rising to 28. Washington County also reported their 28th on Monday. The 46 deaths were among 601 new positive cases, with just a few coming from our area. The State 24-hour positivity rate is 43.9%.

Case totals for Counties in the listening area include:

Davis County: 10 over Weekend, 0 on Monday

Henry County: 18 over Weekend, 3 on Monday

Jefferson County: 25 over Weekend, 0 on Monday

Keokuk County: 10 over Weekend, 0 on Monday

Van Buren County: 5 over Weekend, 5 On Monday

Wapello County: 33 over Weekend, 5 on Monday

Washington County: 26 over Weekend, 4 on Monday


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