State Preserve Advisory Board To Tour Lamson Woods This Afternoon

The State Preserve Advisory Board has a tour planned for 1:30pm Friday afternoon at Lamson Woods State Preserve in Fairfield. The purpose of the tour will be to view the preserves in the field as preparation for reviewing newly proposed management plans, which will be discussed at a Preserves Board business meeting to be conducted at a future date. The approximate 42-acre woodland preserve located on the southeast edge of Fairfield was willed to the city by Carrie Lamson Ross in 1930. Originally “Lamson’s Pasture” was a park that included Fairfield’s first golf course. The woodland was dedicated as a biological state preserve in 1978. 

The objective now is to maintain forest health and native biodiversity of the entire forest community, and to preserve oak as a major component of the area, which is owned and managed by Fairfield Park and Rec. A new in depth plan laid out before the Fairfield City Council in Late March, prepared by Iowa DNR Forester Ray Lehn & The Fairfield Arbor Committee includes topics on water quality, endangered species, wildlife and soil management as well as historical and cultural considerations.

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