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Board Approves Resolution Establishing Temporary Safety Protocols

The Jefferson County Board Of Supervisors met in regular session on Monday morning where they approved a resolution establishing temporary safety protocols such as any County employees traveling together in a County owned vehicle must wear a face mask. When traveling alone one will not be required. County Offices will remain at the discretion of those elected officials within that office. For example the Jefferson County Treasurer’s office currently has a mask mandate in place. Jefferson County Public Health Administrator Chris Estle, who was present at the zoom meeting, asked that the Board put personal beliefs aside, do the right thing and set an example by passing the resolution. The vote was passed 2-1, Supervisor Lee Dimmitt the no vote. 

The DHS offices are now closed also, going by appointment only. Juvenile Parole and Pathfinders are located in that building also for those wishing to make appointments. 

A discussion was held regarding the installation of an audio/visual system in the courtroom. The installation is being required by the Judicial System. The Board didn’t seem concerned with the installation itself and the cost if any that would be associated with it, but the future maintenance costs that the County would be saddled with.

(Photo From Previous Meeting)

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