State Track Qualifiers From The Area

Here are the events involving local athletes that made the state track meet:
(On relays the last 1 or 2 listed are alternate runners where provided)
Class 1A
Trey Albert long jump and 200
Landon Becker the 800
Griffin Greiner the 400
4 by 100 Jarrett Greiner, Colby Aschenbrenner, G. Greiner, Albert (Christian Bowman and Ben Clark)
and 4 by 400 Becker, both Greiners, Albert (Clark and Bowman)
Alexia McClure the 800
1600 meter medley Kiya Chapin, Rachel Lewman, McClure, Sydney Pickerell (Allison Sloan and Madison Cloke)

Brady Millikin and Colten Glosser both the 1600 and 3200
Cole Earnest 400 meter hurdles
shuttle hurdle relay Devin Fraise, Quinn Ledger, Lathe Crochet, Cole Earnest (Michael Jones)
4 by 200 Kennan Winn, Dayne Eckley, Ledger and Crochet (Cameron Millikin and Earnest)
1600 meter medley C. Millikin, B. Millikin, Corchet, Eckley (Ledger and Winn)
4 by 800 Tanner Conger, Zack Wise, Glosser, B. Millikin (Chandler Stull and C. Millikin)
4 by 100 Ledger, Crochet, Winn, Eckley (C. Millikin and Fraise)
800 meter medley Crochet, Winn, Eckley, C. Millikn (Ledger and Fraise)
Lauren Derscheid the 1500 and 3000
Cari Duwa the 800
Emily Laumeyer the 1500
Kerrigan Pope the discus
4 by 100 Cate Roth, Ellie Ledger, Emilee Linder, Sophie Wittrock (Mackenzie Dahlstrom and Zoey Wright)
800 meter medley Wittrock, Roth, Wright. Sarah Eubanks (Remi Duwa and Linder)
1600 meter medley Wittrock, Wright, Eubanks, R. Duwa (Roth and C. Duwa)
4 by 400 Hollie Loper, Eubanks, Wright, R. Duwa (C. Duwa and Laumeyer)
4 by 800 C. Duwa, R. Duwa, Laumeyer and Loper (Maddie Black and Lilly Fariss)

Class 2A
Davis County
Jaxson Sharp the high jump, long jump and 400 meter hurdles
Kenny Cronin the 3200
Draven DeKraii the 110 meter high hurdles
Carson Shively the 1600
shuttle hurdle relay
Africa Brandon the high jump
Olivia Murry the long jump
Alyssa Shirkey the 200
Sophie Spargur the 800
1600 meter medley
800 meter medley

Van Buren
4 by 100 and 4 by 200 both with Isabel Manning, Chloe Davidson, Madi Bartholomew and Grace Davidson

Class 3A
Landon Kooiker the high jump
Tristin Waugh the discus
1600 meter medley Caden Jones, Kooiker, Kevin Kretz, Mark Diers
Ashley Bloomquist the 3000
Anna Dunlap the 400 meter hurdles
Julia Fritz the discus
1600 meter medley Jill Dunlap, Alexis Jones, A. Dunlap, Bloomquist

Class 4A
Ayton Bar-Shimon the 800
Jonathan Bossou the 110 meter high hurdles
Issac Eaton the 400 meter hurdles
Dante Salomon the 800
4 by 100, 4 by 200, 4 by 400, 4 by 800, shuttle hurdle, 800 meter medley and 1600 meter medley relays
Alli Bookin-Nosbisch 400 and 800
Grace Bookin-Nosbisch 400 and 800
Anne Guest the high jump
Carollin Mellin the 1500
4 by 400, 4 by 800 and 1600 meter medley relays