Fairfield Middle School Has Hoops For Heart

The Hoops for Heart took place recently at Fairfield Middle School. A total of 47 students from 6th through 8th grade raised 1138.25 that is going to the American Heart Association. The money helps fund education, programs and research to fight heart disease and stroke, the number one and 4 killers each year. Top individual amounts included:
8th grader Max Weaton 90 dollars
Brody Phillips from the 6th grade 75
7th grade student Carson Rubey 70
Ethan Parker of the 7th grade and 6th grader Riley Perkins 60 apiece
8th grader Ananis Rivera 55
Elijah Simons from the 6th grade 50
Kevin Dorothy of the 8th grade 40
and 6th grader Carley Seeley 30

PE teachers Nancy Diers and Jerrod Belzer were pleased with the success of the 2 hour event. They said the competition and sportsmanship were great, adding the kids learned about the importance of physical activity and how they can play a role in saving lives.

Combined with the Jump Rope for Heart the week before, Fairfield Middle School students brought in 4346.19 that is being given to the American Heart Association.