Fairfield 8th Grade Volleyball Report

Fairfield swept Ottumwa 21-19, 21-16 in the 8th grade volleyball A home match Thursday, avenging a 3 set road loss from earlier this season. Brynley Allison went 13 of 14 serving with 3 aces, distributed 5 set assists and put down 2 kills. Jenna Norris didn’t miss on 12 receptions and hit 4 of 5 serves, one an ace. Anna Dunlap converted each of 9 passes and had 3 kills. Hannah Bergen nailed 7 of 8 served, one an ace, was good on all 4 passes and provided 3 assists from setting. Danielle Breen didn’t miss 4 receptions and nailed 4 kills. Mallory Lyon came through with one ace and Ellie Anderson chipped in a kill.

The Trojans D team took the only set played 21-16. Rhiannon Ebert was good on each of 6 serves, 5 of them aces. Kaylei Bailey Bailey didn’t miss 3, all were aces. Danae Miller hit all 3 with 2 aces. Emma Winkelman added an ace on her only serve.

Fairfield split the B match with Ottumwa, 21-18, 13-21. Kylie Martin went 10 of 11 serving with 4 aces. Mallory Lyon provided 3 kills and 2 aces. Dunlap had 3 set assists and one kill. Jayden Burke put down 3 kills. Sarah McAvan distributed 3 assist from setting. Chandra Camaro was 3 of 4 serving. Grace Sobaski nailed an ace while Anderson added a kill.

The C squad also was 1 and 1, coming up short 18-21 then rolling 21-12. Miller finished 11 of 14 serving with one ace. Ebert hit 9 of 11 serves, 4 of them aces and put down 2 kills. Abby Ford was good on 5 of 7 serves including one ace. Hailey Triska totaled 3 kills. Bailey contributed 2 aces and a kill.