Local Gymnasts Perform Well In National Competition

Ide Gymnastics of Fairfield had 17 athletes get 24 top 10 finishes earlier this summer during the USTA Nationals at Madison, Wisconsin. Sophia Murphy took 3 trophies including 5th place in the novice power  tumbling, 7th among intermediate double mini trampoline entries and 8th in sub advanced trampoline.

Winning 2 trophies apiece were:

Shay Smith 3rd place power tumbling and 9th in double mini

Andrew Twohill 7th best on trampoline and 9th place power tumbling

Kya Goodrich 8th place trampoline and 9th in double mini

Kayse Miller 6th double mini and 10th power tumbling

Maya Lane 8th at trampoline and 10th best double mini

Other top performances featured:

Chaz Wohnoutka 3rd place double mini

Hailey Reinier 4th in trampoline

Amber Burroughs and Marissa Rupe 4th in synchronized trampoline

Iris Lane 5th at trampoline

Ophelia Greenfield 6th place trampoline

Alejandra Carminhato 7th in trampoline

Abigail Pohren 9th place trampoline

Sarah McAvan, Emmelia Miller and Rupe each 10th in trampoline

The other athletes that went were Ana Carminhato, Adria Goodrich, Lillian Haynes, Tori Haynes, Lauren Martin, Emma Metcalf, Cecelia Murphy, Isobel Murphy, Jersey Money, Lillie Sage and Alma White.

At the nationals, each athlete is divided into age groups and skill levels then placed in flights of 10 or less. Some had 70 or more at their level.

Iris and Maya Lane inside the Alliant Energy Center at Madison

Amber Burroughs and Marissa Rupe

Team getting ready for parade at national competition