Jefferson County Board of Supervisors


Richard C. Reed (641) 919-8262 cell                                                                                                   Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Dee Sandquist 641-451-1293cell                                                                                                        (641) 472-2851 phone
Lee Dimmitt (641) 919-9547 cell                                                                                                         (641) 472-3106 fax
July 10 – July 14, 2017


                Pursuant to Chapter 21, 2011 Code of Iowa, you are hereby notified of the following meetings of the below-named body in open session.
The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will meet in the 1st floor meeting room of the Jefferson County Courthouse on:  

TENTATIVE AGENDA  Dated July 6, 2017. 


Monday July 10,                  9:00 A.M. – Weekly Board Meeting.

Acknowledge minutes.
Meet with County Engineer.
Consider Secondary Road fund transfer.
Consider resolution to increase wage for 1 Road Department Employee.
Discuss and consider membership and contribution to Eastern Iowa Tourism Association.
Discuss and consider Dissemination Agent Agreement with Northland Securities, Inc.
Discuss and consider Public Health physician.
Discuss and consider nuisance property 1947 Redwood.
Discuss and consider nuisance property at 1008 Oakwood Drive.
Make committee reports.
Public comments.  
Allow claims and approve reports.