33 Year Fair Board Member Denny Thomes Resigns

Denny Thomes resigned Monday, after spending 33 years on the Greater Jefferson County Fair Board. In an emotional resignation, Thomes passed the torch to his son, Louie, who will succeed him and serve the final year of his term.
Thomes says there have been many changes to the fair over the years, including how the Board looks at success. Thomes says he remembers years ago after the fair, the Board tallied up receipts and found that they were only $2000 in the hole and deemed it a success.
He recalls when he and his former wife started the Fair Parade, and there were only 7 entrants. 
He says the Board itself has changed over the years, as well. The Board, he says, used to be made up of area farmers and now includes local business leaders and 3 women.
Thomes says he and his family used to make Fair time, their family vacation, with everyone chipping in to help make it a success.
The thing he'll miss the most? Everything. He says he'll miss it all.
Congratulations, Mr. Thomes, and thank you for your 33 years of service to the residents of Jefferson County.