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Co-Pilot was Flying AirAsia Plane at Time of Crash
The AirAsia jet that crashed into the Java Sea in December, killing all 162 people on board, was being piloted by the plane???s co-pilot, not its captain, officials said.
01/29/2015 04:41:47am
ISIS Appears to Arrange Prisoner Swap in New Hostage Recording
ISIS-linked Twitter accounts spread message purportedly from Japanese captive.
01/28/2015 10:01:55pm
Adult ISIS Fighter in Child Executioner Video Killed, Official Says
Man watched as young boy appeared to murder two men in chilling video.
01/28/2015 02:22:10pm
Vladimir Putin to Meet Kim Jong Un: Who Is More Macho?
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has RSVP'd to a May celebration in Russia commemorating the Soviet victory over Germany in World War Two.
01/28/2015 04:08:43pm
At Least 3 Dead as Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Convoy With Anti-Tank Missile
An Israeli military convoy was attacked by an antitank missile along the Lebanese border Wednesday, killing three people and wounding others, officials said.
01/28/2015 11:24:33am
American Among Dead in Libya Hotel Attack
Several gunmen wearing ski masks stormed the Corinthia Hotel in Libya???s capitol, Tripoli, taking hostages and leaving at least eight dead, including a U.S. citizen.
01/27/2015 05:09:43pm
Billionaire Sex Offender's Lawyers Seek to Keep Documents Sealed
Accuser claims Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew.
01/27/2015 04:07:04pm
Holocaust Survivors Return to Auschwitz, 70 Years Later
About 300 people returned to Auschwitz for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp where more than 1 million were slaughtered during World War II.
01/27/2015 03:54:56pm
The Trouble With US Girls, According to Alleged Russian Spies
Purported Russian agents realized all too well they weren't James Bond.
01/27/2015 05:54:53pm
Meet London's Polar (Bear) Express
Life-like polar bear wandered London streets this week.
01/27/2015 01:47:39pm
Rome Jewish Leader Triggers Police Intervention at Auschwitz
Rome's Jewish leader pushes way into Auschwitz visitor center, triggers police intervention
01/29/2015 05:01:36am
Indonesian Investigators: Crashed AirAsia Flown by Co-Pilot
Indonesian investigators say AirAsia jetliner flown by co-pilot when it crashed into Java Sea
01/29/2015 04:58:21am
Gorbachev Warns of Military Conflict Between Russia, West
Ex-Soviet leader Gorbachev warns the Cold War between Russia, West could spill into fighting
01/29/2015 04:58:06am
UN Seeking $3.1 Billion to Help Children at Risk
UN seeks $3.1 billion to help 62 million children at risk in humanitarian crises worldwide
01/29/2015 04:42:51am
Japan Says It Trusts Jordan to Help Islamic State Hostage
Japan says it has deep trust in Jordan to help secure release of Islamic State group hostage
01/29/2015 04:40:58am
Russia Suspends Role in Europe's Human Rights Watchdog
Russia suspends role in Europe's human rights watchdog after being stripped of vote
01/29/2015 04:33:53am
Rights Group Blasts Iraqi, Syrian Governments Over Extremism
Rights group says sectarian and abusive policies of Iraqi, Syrian governments fuel extremism
01/29/2015 04:33:51am
N. Korea Demanded $10 Billion for Summit: Ex-Seoul Leader
North Korea demanded $10 billion for summit with South Korea, says ex-Seoul leader
01/29/2015 04:33:18am
News Guide: A Look at the Islamic State Hostage Crisis
News Guide: The twists and turns of Japan and Jordan's hostage crisis with the Islamic State
01/29/2015 04:11:57am
Watch: Kenji Goto's Friend Fears for Life of Japanese ISIS Hostage
Toshi Maeda calls his friend and colleague Kenji Goto a brave journalist who felt a responsibility to give voice to the voiceless.
01/28/2015 05:29:32pm
Watch: Day In Pictures 1.28.15
Israeli Soldiers Patrol Border After Hezbollah Attack, Boston Digs Out of Massive Blizzard, Monet Arrives At Sotheby's Auction.
01/28/2015 05:35:07pm
Watch: ISIS Makes New Demands; Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing; Apple Historic Earnings
ISIS makes new demands for prisoner swap; Loretta Lynch confirmation hearing for US Attorney General; Historic earnings for Apple in a single quarter.
01/28/2015 03:42:07pm
Watch: Deadly Strike on Israeli Army
Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a strike that killed two Israeli soldiers and a U.N. soldier, and wounded seven people.
01/28/2015 02:36:42pm
Watch: Jordan Ready to Do Hostage Exchange
Jordanian pilot could be swapped for Iraqi prisoner, but no mention of Japanese hostage.
01/28/2015 02:46:39pm
Watch: Top Benghazi Democrat: 'Not True' Dems Against Clinton Testimony
Rep. Elijah Cummings Working to Facilitate Former Secretary's Testimony at Select Committee
01/27/2015 07:15:57pm