(2/10) Missing Pundits In Vedic City

A few weeks ago several media outlets in Iowa & Illinois published articles that in 2013 approximately 163 pundits were reported missing and Maharishi University in Fairfield doesn’t know where these men are. In response, Bill Goldstein, general legal counsel for Mararishi University released a statement to educate the public on the pundit program that began in 2006. The purpose of the program is to create harmony for America and peace for the world. Pundits agree to $200 per month cash compensation, $150 of that is sent back to their family in India. All other expenses are paid for, ie. Food, housing, clothing, personal supplies, medical insurance. Since 2006 nearly 2500 men no younger than 18 and as old as 42 years old have come to Fairfield, Iowa after making a 2-3 year commitment with a non-profit organization established in India. Once the contact expires pundits are returned to India, in rare cases will a pundit request to be returned before the contract expires. Several returning home pundits have disappeared at the airport without advance notice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been advised of these Pundits to seek to locate them and properly deal with their situation. According to Goldstein, the Visa that the pundits apply has many restrictions and that’s why the pundits live on a modern campus on in Vedic City. So leaving the campus unauthorized is unlawful. Only 5% of pundits have left in this fashion. Some of the pundits who have left have since returned and according to Goldstein are sent back to India Immediately at no expense.

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