World News
Syrian Children Forage Through Trash to Survive
"Most of those buyers are exploiters. They buy things from us for very cheap prices, but we have to sell to them because we want to live."
12/21/2014 06:41:31am
Goodbye Facebook Revolutions? Page Supporting Putin Critic Blocked
Facing pressure from Russian authorities, Facebook blocked a page today supporting a prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin.
12/20/2014 09:06:51pm
US Sending 4 Gitmo Prisoners Back to Afghanistan
The United States will release four Afghan prisoners from its Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the Department of Defense said today.
12/20/2014 04:35:55pm
Barbara Walters Talks About Her Meetings With Fidel Castro
The U.S. and Cuba have started to re-build their relationship but Fidel Castro remains a mystery to many.
12/19/2014 05:19:31pm
These American Fugitives May Be Hiding Out in Cuba
There is no official total number of Americans who have fled to Cuba but there are reports that it could be upwards of 70 fugitives.
12/19/2014 02:52:00pm
FBI Blames North Korea for Sony Hacking
Feds say they have "enough information" to make that conclusion.
12/19/2014 01:57:43pm
How Scientists Found Deepest-Ever Fish 5 Miles Down
The fish is 20 cm in length, with a distinct snout similar to a cartoon dog.
12/19/2014 01:21:02pm
Pope Francis Celebrates Birthday by Donating 400 Sleeping Bags
The pontiff donated sleeping bags to Rome's homeless for his 78th birthday.
12/19/2014 09:09:05am
Kim Jong-un Invited to Russia for Victory Day Celebration
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been invited to Moscow, the Kremlin confirmed to Russian media.
12/19/2014 08:05:58am
What It Takes to Set Up a New Embassy In Cuba
Not as much as you would think.
12/18/2014 08:30:58pm
US Navy Helicopter Makes Crash Landing in Kuwait
US Navy helicopter makes crash landing in Kuwait, some of the crew sustain minor injuries
12/22/2014 05:42:39am
Fatal Shooting Reported at Myanmar Mine Protest
Opposition lawmaker says protester shot dead at Chinese-backed copper mine in Myanmar
12/22/2014 05:34:54am
Opposition Lawmaker Says Protester Shot Dead at Chinese-Backed Copper Mine in Myanmar
Opposition lawmaker says protester shot dead at Chinese-backed copper mine in Myanmar
12/22/2014 05:28:09am
Indonesian Janitors Get up to 8 Years in Rape Case
5 janitors sentenced up to 8 years for raping a kindergartner at Jakarta International School
12/22/2014 05:21:39am
SKorea Holds N-Plant Drills Against Cyber Threats
South Korean nuclear firm launches cyberattack drills after threat to stop operation
12/22/2014 05:19:10am
China Opposes Cyberattacks, Doesn't Name N. Korea
China tells US that it opposes cyberattacks, but does not directly condemn Sony hackings
12/22/2014 05:19:09am
Global Markets Gain as Oil Rebounds
Global markets rise as oil rebounds, Fed pledges not to rush US interest rate hikes
12/22/2014 05:16:13am
Spain: Princess Cristina to Be Tried for Fraud
Spain: Judge orders Princess Cristina to go on trial with husband in fraud, corruption case
12/22/2014 05:16:11am
French Police Raise Security After Weekend Attacks
French police raise security, search for motive after 2 weekend attacks
12/22/2014 05:15:24am
Chinese Military Plane Crashes, 2 Deaths Reported
Chinese military plane crashes in country's northwest, 2 deaths reported
12/22/2014 05:14:23am
Watch: Biggest Holiday Travel Day; Pakistan Launches Offensive Against Taliban; Michael Phelps Guilty of DUI
Millions travelling today for holidays; Pakistan launches offensive against Taliban after deadly school attack; Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI
12/19/2014 05:22:31pm
Watch: Barbara Walters on Her Unforgettable Interview with Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters recalls her five-hour interview with Fidel Castro in 1977.
12/19/2014 04:09:09pm
Watch: Barbara Walters On Fidel Castro Promising to Shave His Beard
Cuban leader promise to shave off his iconic beard if the U.S. embargo was lifted.
12/19/2014 03:20:44pm
Watch: Barbara Walters Had to Have Bodyguards After the Fidel Castro Interview
Barbara Walters received death threats and hate mail after infamous 1977 interview.
12/19/2014 03:18:34pm
Watch: Barbara Walters' First Impression of Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters explains the duality of Fidel Castro's charm and assertiveness.
12/19/2014 03:20:26pm