World News
Man Spotted With Paris Attack Suspect Traveled to Syria
Authorities say Mohamed Abrini should be considered armed and dangerous
11/25/2015 04:20:31pm
'Human Error' Cited in Mistaken US Airstrike on Kunduz Hospital
Suspensions and possible discipline follow U.S. investigation.
11/25/2015 02:42:13pm
Photos: A Look at Tunisia's Largest Indigenous Religious Minority
Photographer explores the Jewish community on the Island of Djerba, Tunisia.
11/25/2015 03:04:57pm
Inside the Operation to Rescue the Downed Russian Pilot
The Russian military completed a 12-hour mission to rescue the downed pilot.
11/25/2015 02:35:16pm
Safety Concerns for Pope's First Trip to Africa
Amid safety concerns, Pope Francis arrived in Kenya for first-ever visit to Africa
11/25/2015 01:23:47pm
Co-Pilot of Downed Russian Jet Says He Had No Warning
The claim conflicts with what Turkey has said happened.
11/25/2015 01:58:07pm
Russia Suggests Downed Warplane Was 'Planned Provocation'
Russian Foreign Minister says his country has "no intention of fighting a war."
11/25/2015 12:40:49pm
Paris Ringleader Planned Another Attack for Days Later
The 2nd attack was planned for French business district La Defense.
11/24/2015 04:47:53pm
US Aircraft Mistook Hospital for Taliban Target, Probe Finds
Crew of AC-130 gunship believed they were targeting a Taliban stronghold.
11/24/2015 09:07:51pm
Al Qaeda Agent Convicted in Shopping Mall Plot Gets 40 Years
Released due to lack of evidence in U.K., Abid Naseer convicted by U.S. jurors.
11/24/2015 03:27:00pm
Mexico Rights Body: Police Used Excessive Force in 6 Deaths
Mexican rights body says police used excessive force in 6 civilian deaths during confrontation
11/25/2015 06:22:12pm
Argentina's President-Elect Announces Diverse Cabinet
Argentine President-elect Mauricio Macri names new Cabinet representing diverse interests
11/25/2015 06:21:29pm
UN Envoy Warns Sahel Youths Susceptible to Radicalization
UN envoy: 41 million youths in the Sahel are mired in hopelessness, at risk of radicalization
11/25/2015 06:19:27pm
California Demands Fixes for 16,000 More VW Cars
California demands fixes to 16,000 more VW, Porsche. Audi cars as scandal widens
11/25/2015 05:51:27pm
Australian Wildfire Kills at Least 2 and Injures 13 Others
Wildfire kills at least 2, injures 13 others and destroys 16 homes in southern Australia
11/25/2015 05:30:41pm
Outgoing Argentine President Says She's Not Going Away
Outgoing Argentine president, loved and loathed, says she's not going away, but plans unclear
11/25/2015 05:27:42pm
2 Massacres in 12 Hours Leave 15 Dead in Honduras
15 people killed in 2 separate massacres in Honduras, including slaying of 8 bus drivers
11/25/2015 05:03:01pm
French Lawmakers Vote to Extend Airstrikes Against IS
In aftermath of Paris attacks, French lawmakers vote to extend airstrikes against IS in Syria
11/25/2015 04:19:46pm
The Latest: Paris Hotel Business Hit Hard by Attacks
The Latest: Occupancy rates for Paris hotels plunge after attacks, according to report
11/25/2015 04:15:56pm
Watch: Aboard Pope Francis' First Flight to Africa
Amid safety concerns, Pope Francis traveled to Kenya for the first leg of his African tour.
11/25/2015 12:09:41pm
Watch: Belgium Warns of Attack With 'Heavy Weapons' and 'Suicide Bombs'
Belgium's foreign minister tells ABC News that the country's primary concern right now is to find about 10 individuals whom Belgium authorities believe could launch a Paris-like attack with "heavy weapons" and "suicide bombs."
11/25/2015 12:15:55pm
Watch: Deck the Windows Along New York's Fifth Avenue
ABC News' Charli James shows us some of New York's most iconic holiday windows.
11/24/2015 05:46:15pm
Watch: Surprise Snowstorm Turns Beijing Into Winter Wonderland
A rare, early snowstorm blanketed the Chinese capital this weekend.
11/24/2015 09:48:22am
Watch: Neighbor's Message to Alleged Paris Attacker: Go See Your Mom!
Salah Abdeslam's long time neighbor pleads for him to come home.
11/24/2015 06:32:01am
Watch: Streets of Brussels Are Quiet Amid Terror Concerns
Schools and the city's subway system are closed as the Belgian capital enters its third day of lockdown.
11/23/2015 12:40:20pm