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'Miracle' That 2 Girls Survive Fatal Amusement Park Accident
A raft overturned on the Thunder River Rapids ride.
10/25/2016 08:51:45pm
Pena Nieto: No President Thinks "How Do I Screw Mexico?"
Mexico's increasingly frank president, who is battling low approval ratings, launched a campaign to get people to talk positively about his country
10/25/2016 09:44:37pm
Oregon Standoff Juror Questions Impartiality of Fellow Juror
Federal prosecutors' case against the armed occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge has hit a bump when a juror raised questions about the impartiality of another person on the panel
10/25/2016 09:26:46pm
Ontario Nurse Charged in Deaths of 8 Nursing Home Residents
Police say a nurse has been charged with the murders of eight elderly people at nursing homes in southwestern Ontario over a seven-year period
10/25/2016 09:25:45pm
Teen Shot Outside Utah Middle School by Classmate
A teenager has been shot by a classmate outside a middle school in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy
10/25/2016 09:21:15pm
The Latest: Judge Finds Oregon Standoff Juror Isn't Biased
A federal judge in the trial of those who occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge sent jurors home for the day after finding no indication that a member of the panel was biased
10/25/2016 08:48:15pm
Arizona Sheriff Officially Charged With Criminal Contempt
The longtime sheriff of metropolitan Phoenix has been formally charged with criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring a judge's order in a racial-profiling case
10/25/2016 08:47:16pm
US Says Alleged Bali Bombing Figure to Stay at Guantanamo
A U.S. government review board has rejected the release of the alleged Southeastern Asian terrorist leader known as Hambali from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
10/25/2016 08:39:47pm
Police Say 2 Were Lucky to Survive Accident at Aussie Park
Two young children are fortunate to be alive, police said Wednesday, after they were thrown clear and survived an accident that killed four people on a river rapids ride at a popular theme park in Australia
10/25/2016 08:38:00pm
Nicaragua to Accept OAS Election Observers
The Organization of American States will send observers to Nicaragua's Nov. 6 elections, after President Daniel Ortega's government reversed its opposition to outside monitors
10/25/2016 08:31:13pm
Brazil Widens Investigation of Gang Rape in Rio Suburb
Brazilian police widened the probe into a brutal gang rape by suspected drug dealers on the outskirts of Rio after the woman told investigators it wasn't the first time she had been sexually assaulted by a group of men
10/25/2016 08:12:19pm
Legendary Pilot, Air Show Performer Bob Hoover Dies at 94
Bob Hoover, a legendary military and civilian pilot who wowed crowds with aerobatic feats, has died at age 94. Longtime friend Bill Fanning says Hoover died early Tuesday in Southern California
10/25/2016 07:57:52pm
WATCH: Mexican Police Find Border Tunnel
Mexican prosecutors say that they have found a tunnel in the border city of Tijuana that leads toward or into the United States.
10/25/2016 04:32:14pm
WATCH: Carbon Dioxide Levels in the Atmosphere Reach New Heights
Scientists warn that CO2 levels may not dip back down for "many generations."
10/25/2016 01:51:16pm
WATCH: Turkish Media: Explosion in Mediterranean Resort of Antalya
An explosion inside a car left in the parking lot of the local chamber of trade in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya on Tuesday slightly injured about a dozen people, an official said.
10/25/2016 08:07:07am
WATCH: 4 Killed in Australian Theme Park Accident
Four people were killed Tuesday after a river rapids ride malfunctioned at a popular theme park on Australia's east coast, officials said.
10/25/2016 07:08:09am
WATCH: Tour of a Military Outpost Near Mosul
ABC News' Martha Raddatz shows the small base on the front lines of the fight against ISIS.
10/25/2016 05:44:54am
WATCH: Dashcam Shows Malta Plane Crash That Killed 5
A twin propeller plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Luqa, Malta, on October 24, killing at least 5 people.
10/24/2016 05:22:23pm
WATCH: Plane Crashes on Takeoff at Malta Airport, 5 Aboard Killed
A small plane heading toward Libya's coast to monitor migrant trafficking routes for the French government crashed soon after takeoff from Malta's airport Monday, killing all five French crew members, authorities said.
10/24/2016 01:40:24pm
WATCH: France Moving More Than 6,000 Migrants, Destroying Huge Camp
Lines of migrants with their lives in small bags waited calmly to get on buses in the French port city of Calais on Monday, the first day of the mass evacuation and destruction of the squalid camp they called home.
10/25/2016 05:42:14am
WATCH: A Look From Above Shows Heavy Destruction In Aleppo After Repeated Bombing
The footage show badly damaged mosques and buildings and largely empty streets following repeatedly bombing by Syrian government and Russian forces.
10/24/2016 05:15:05am
WATCH: Drone Footage Captures Images of Iraqi Army Offensive to Liberate Mosul
Watch through the eyes of our drones capturing images of the Iraqi Army, Federal Police, and PMU beginning the offensive to liberate Mosul from ISIS.
10/22/2016 11:57:26am
WATCH: Pentagon Chief Carter Visits Baghdad to Review Anti-ISIS Operation
Footage from the Pentagon press secretary shows U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's helicopter touching down in what is described as Baghdad's Green Zone.
10/22/2016 11:56:26am
WATCH: Wonder Woman Faces New Battle at United Nations
Hundreds of U.N. staffers have signed an online petition against the naming of the superhero character as an honorary ambassador.
10/21/2016 11:46:32am
WATCH: World News 10/24/16: Oklahoma Police on the Hunt for Alleged Killer
On the Front Lines of the Battle for Mosul; Trump Claims to Be Winning, Despite Falling Poll Numbers.
10/24/2016 10:41:08pm