World News
Missing Girl Found in Mexico 12 Years Later
Sabrina Allen was 4 when she disappeared following a visit with her mother.
10/01/2014 05:46:17pm
Watchdog: Turkey Has Fearful Journalism Climate
Watchdog welcomes release of journalists in Turkey, criticizes climate of intimidation
10/02/2014 04:13:04am
Denmark Votes to Send Jet Fighters to Iraq
Danish lawmakers vote to send jet fighters to combat Islamic State militants
10/02/2014 04:09:34am
New Economics Head Vows Tough EU Budgets Oversight
France's Moscovici vows to be impartial, tough enforcer of EU rules limiting nations' decifits
10/02/2014 04:02:49am
Millions Across India Join Cleanliness Campaign
Indian prime minister joins millions in nationwide campaign to sweep away garbage
10/02/2014 04:00:16am
Australian Parliament Restricts Veiled Visitors
Australian Parliament bans veiled visitors from open galleries as counterterror measure
10/02/2014 03:56:04am
Philips Loses $467M Patent Suit to US Competitor
Philips loses patent suit to US competitor Masimo Corp., will book $467 million charge
10/02/2014 03:51:19am
China Warns of Chaos If Hong Kong Protests Persist
China voices support for Hong Kong's leader as protesters threaten to occupy buildings
10/02/2014 03:07:34am
Turkey Considers Iraq, Syria Incursions
Turkish parliament considers authorizing incursions into Iraq, Syria to thwart IS threats
10/02/2014 03:03:04am
Surfer Loses Arm in Shark Attack in Australia
Surfer loses part of his arm in attack by suspected great white off Western Australia coast
10/02/2014 02:57:33am
Palestinian-Born Candidate Runs for Berlin Mayor
Palestinian-born candidate runs for Berlin mayor, says rise can give hope to disaffected youth
10/02/2014 02:45:39am
Watch: Protesting in Hong Kong With Oil on Canvas
How one artist is using oil paintings to send a message that will last hundreds of years.
10/01/2014 10:16:48pm
Watch: Protesting for Peace in Hong Kong
Protesting for Peace in Hong Kong
10/01/2014 10:07:22pm
Watch: Day in Pictures: 10/1/14
Images from across the globe: Hong Kong Rallies for Democracy, Netanyahu Visits the Oval Office, Breast Cancer Awareness Month Begins
10/01/2014 06:13:22pm
Watch: Liberian President on the Race to Fight Ebola
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says with more international support containing Ebola is within reach.
10/01/2014 01:56:11pm
Watch: Tens of Thousands More Hong Kong Citizens Join the 'Umbrella Revolution'
ABC???s Muhammad Lila reports from the middle of the Occupy Central pro-democracy protest.
10/01/2014 01:59:17pm
Watch: Life inside a Liberian Ebola Treatment Unit.
ABC News' Dr. Besser gives us a tour of the operations inside a treatment facility in Monrovia.
10/01/2014 09:47:42am
Watch: Hong Kong Protesters Prepare Against Tear Gas and Pepper Spray
ABC's Muhammad Lila reports from the middle of Occupy Central on the pro-democracy demonstration.
09/30/2014 05:06:59pm
Watch: Day in Pictures: 9/30/14
Images from across the globe: Secret Service Grilled Over Security Breach, Airstrike Damage In Syria, Japanese Volcano Smokes
09/30/2014 05:03:54pm
Watch: Hong Kong Protesters Rally Against Beijing On China's National Day
Tens of thousands of Occupy Central demonstrators brave the rain in an "umbrella revolution".
09/30/2014 03:42:36pm
Watch: A Family's Struggle to Overcome the Ebola Virus in Liberia
ABC News' Dr. Besser captures the moment a family is defeated by the virus as health officials try to contain it.
09/30/2014 09:16:48am
Full Episode: GMA 10/1: CDC on High Alert After First US Ebola Case
Police Find Pipe Bombs During Manhunt in Pennsylvania; Breast Cancer and the 'Angelina Jolie Effect'
10/01/2014 10:16:37pm
Full Episode: WN 9/30: Bill Gates Helps Fight Ebola
Realtor kidnapped and killed on way to home showing; Michael Phelps allegedly fails sobriety test, gets 2nd DUI.
10/01/2014 05:04:33am
Full Episode: Nightline 9/30: Ebola Case in US, and What's Being Done to Stop it Abroad
Is UVA Disappearance Suspect Tied to 2009 Murder?; Amal Alamuddin's Fairytale Wedding Dress Details Revealed
10/01/2014 04:28:01am
Full Episode: GMA 9/30: Secret Service Director Faces Congress Over White House Breaches
Arkansas Real Estate Agent's Body Found; UVA Abduction Suspect May Be Linked to Earlier Disappearance
09/30/2014 05:07:44pm