World News
US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks
Scores of Toyota pickups seen in terror videos to dismay of Iraqi officials.
10/06/2015 01:33:47pm
Former Top UN Official Accused in Chinese Bribery Investigation
Six people arrested, linked to Chinese businessman bearing millions in cash.
10/06/2015 01:44:03pm
Afghanis Requested US Strike That Hit Hospital, Gen. Says
Top commander says U.S. forces were not being threatened.
10/05/2015 01:18:13pm
ISIS Destroys Another Ancient Landmark
An arch in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra is the latest casualty.
10/05/2015 11:11:33am
Debris Field Found in Search for Missing US Cargo Ship
Search crews are continuing to look for a U.S. cargo ship caught in Hurricane Joaquin, one day after a life ring from the ship was found.
10/05/2015 03:00:37pm
Nurse Details Chilling Moments After Hospital Airstrike
A nurse detailed the chilling moments after an airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that struck a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.
10/05/2015 07:48:33am
Doctors Without Borders Demands Independent Airstrike Investigation
The death toll has climbed to 22 following an airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that struck a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.
10/05/2015 07:50:22am
US Probes Airstrike That Hit Doctors Without Borders Hospital
The U.S. military is investigating an airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, early Saturday struck a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.
10/05/2015 07:51:50am
28 Americans Aboard Ship Missing in Hurricane Joaquin
The U.S. cargo ship left Florida for Puerto Rico earlier this week.
10/05/2015 08:26:00am
Joaquin Hammers Bahamas as It Heads North
Hurricane Joaquin is hammering islands in central Bahamas with torrential rains as it makes its way northward.
10/02/2015 03:12:25pm
New Generation of Disillusioned Palestinians Drives Unrest
New Palestinian generation, too young to remember trauma of last uprising, drives protests
10/06/2015 04:03:28pm
Carter Sounds Nearly Ready to Open Combat Jobs to Women
Carter: Limiting search for military candidates to half population would be 'crazy'
10/06/2015 04:03:26pm
Ukraine Rebels to Delay Local Election, Sidestep Tense Topic
Ukraine rebels to delay local election, sidestepping tense issue amid talks to end conflict
10/06/2015 03:45:39pm
Mexico City Investigates Reports of Dog Poisoning at Park
Mexico City officials investigating reports that dogs being poisoned at popular park
10/06/2015 03:27:25pm
After Weeks of Unrest, Palestinian Leader Appeals for Calm
After weeks of unrest, Palestinian leader appeals for calm, dialogue with Israel
10/06/2015 03:24:11pm
Search for Answers Begins in Sinking of US Cargo Ship
Search for answers begins in sinking of US cargo ship during powerful Hurricane Joaquin
10/06/2015 03:07:53pm
Somalia's Extremists Vow Violence Against British Troops
Somalia's extremist rebels vow violence against British troops set to deploy to Somalia
10/06/2015 02:46:25pm
Vatican: Pope Francis to Visit Mexico Next Year, No Date Yet
Vatican: Pope Francis to visit Mexico next year, including seeing Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine
10/06/2015 02:46:54pm
Belarus' President Says He Doesn't Want Russian Air Base
Belarus' president says his country doesn't need Russian military air base
10/06/2015 02:07:38pm
Journalist Released From Prison in Egypt Leaves Country
Journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who was released from Egyptian prison last month, leaves country
10/06/2015 02:06:23pm
Watch: Snowden Says He Offered to Go to Prison to Return to US
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden says he hasn't received a formal plea deal for returning to the U.S. after leaking details of government surveillance programs.
10/05/2015 06:15:45pm
Watch: Afghan Forces Requested US Airstrike That Hit Kunduz Hospital
Gen. John Campbell said the airstrike that hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz followed a request by Afghan forces who were under attack and not U.S. forces, as was initially reported.
10/05/2015 01:31:35pm
Watch: Benjamin Netanyahu Stares Down the UNGA
The Prime Minister of Israel stated "Now you see why Israel does not join you in celebrating this deal."
10/01/2015 02:37:46pm
Watch: Residents in England Evacuated Due to Massive Sinkhole
Residents were evacuated overnight in St. Albans, north of London, after a 32-foot deep and 66-foot wide sinkhole appeared in front of a driveway.
10/01/2015 11:13:43am
Watch: The Battle to Retake Afghan City of Kunduz From Taliban
The U.S. military has launched airstrikes to back Afghan forces fighting to retake control of one of Afghanistan's largest cities.
09/30/2015 11:29:11am