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'Deeply Ashamed' Ferry Captain Among First to Abandon Ship
Hundreds of Navy and Coast Guard divers are battling murky conditions in the waters off of South Korea today, searching for survivors of a shipwrecked ferry that sank Wednesday with hundreds of people trapped inside.
04/17/2014 09:58:10pm
Putin 'Hopes' He Won't Have to Send Troops Into Eastern Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin said today he hopes Russia will not have to use force in eastern Ukraine.
04/17/2014 10:53:45am
Oscar Pistorius' Own Expert Witness Contradicts Him
Oscar Pistorius' murder trial was adjourned today for two weeks after one of the Blade Runner's own expert witnesses contradicted his testimony.
04/17/2014 10:00:31am
UK Opposition Party Hires Top Obama Adviser
UK opposition Labour Party signs up top Obama campaign adviser Axelrod for 2015 elections
04/18/2014 06:06:35am
Boat Capsizes in Indonesia; 7 Dead, 30 Rescued
Boat loaded with participants in Good Friday parade capsizes in Indonesia; 7 dead, 30 rescued
04/18/2014 06:05:49am
Dutch Supreme Court Bans Pedophile Group
Dutch supreme court orders lobby group for the legalization of pedophilia banned
04/18/2014 06:04:34am
Suspected Militant, Son Killed in Thailand's South
Suspected insurgent, 6-year-old son shot dead in Thailand's south
04/18/2014 05:59:04am
Vandals Damage Mosque in Northern Israel
Police: Vandals damage mosque in northern Israel, apparent act by extremists
04/18/2014 05:44:05am
Pro-Russian Insurgents: Will Only Leave Occupied Buildings If Interim Ukrainian Gov't Resigns
Pro-Russian insurgents: will only leave occupied buildings if interim Ukrainian gov't resigns
04/18/2014 05:29:19am
Asia Stocks Rise in Abbreviated Trading
Asian stock markets rise in abbreviated trading
04/18/2014 05:13:49am
Disgraced Captain Left Bridge Before Ferry Sank
Divers entered the doomed Sewol ferry in waters off South Korea’s coast today, hoping against hope to find additional survivors as authorities continue to investigate the ship’s captain.
04/18/2014 05:25:48am
Watch: Families Gather to Wait for News About Loved Ones on South Korea Ferry
Weather conditions hamper search and rescue.
04/17/2014 10:16:03pm
Watch: 271 Still Missing in South Korea Ferry Sinking
Search and rescue teams battle strong currents and inclement weather in the search for survivors.
04/17/2014 08:59:05pm
Watch: The Wrap: 4/17/14
Ferry captain among First to abandon ship, diplomats urge end to Ukraine violence, Anniversary of West Texas explosion.
04/17/2014 05:17:25pm
Watch: Day in Pictures: 4/17/14
Images from across the globe: Obama Welcomes Wounded Warriors, Maundy Thursday Ritual in Philippines, Hamas Military Training, Pope Washes Feet
04/17/2014 05:08:14pm
Watch: The Scene of the Worst Violence So Far in Ukraine
ABC News' Alex Marquardt reports from Mariupol where protests turned violent.
04/17/2014 07:01:43pm
Watch: Tensions Rise in Eastern Ukraine after 3 Militants Killed in Mariupol
Russian President Vladimir Putin says he reserves right to use force.
04/17/2014 01:23:37pm
Watch: The Wrap: 4/16/14
Ferry Sinks off South Korea's Coast, Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged, Royals Arrive Down Under
04/16/2014 06:22:11pm
Watch: Tankers Do Donuts in Ukraine
Crowds cheer as tanks spin circles in a parking lot in Sloviansk, Ukraine.
04/16/2014 05:44:00pm
Watch: Al-Qaeda Leaders Unite for Big Rally in Yemen
New propaganda video showcases large gathering of militants in the terror organization.
04/16/2014 05:08:19pm
Watch: International Hotspot: Eastern Ukraine on Edge of Civil War
Ukraine takes action against pro-Russian militia as paramilitary troops defect.
04/16/2014 05:05:10pm
Full Episode: WN 4/17: Kansas City Shootings: Suspect in Custody
Chelsea Clinton expecting first child in the fall; Captain of South Korea ferry abandoned ship.
04/18/2014 04:05:55am
Full Episode: GMA 4/17: South Korea Ferry Captain 'Deeply Ashamed'
Boston Bomb Hoax Suspect Calls Actions Performance Art; Neil Patrick Harris Like You've Never Seen Him Before
04/17/2014 05:38:35pm
Full Episode: Nightline 4/16: Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam
Britain's Face of Hate: EDL Founder's Shocking Decision; Nearly 300 Missing After Ferry Sinks off South Korea Coast
04/17/2014 04:18:26am
Full Episode: Nightline Prime 4/12: Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day
Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.
04/15/2014 07:19:05pm