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5 International Stories You'll Care About This Week
1. Iran Nuclear Deal Deadline Approaches For more than a century, Vienna has been the capital of cloak-and-dagger intrigue, the center of Cold War spy games sitting on the edge of the Iron Curtain. A generation later, it???s back center-stage as the United States and the other world powers race to do a deal with Iran before Monday???s deadline. The stakes couldn???t be higher. The lead US negotiator, Wendy Sherman, has said ???there???s no question that, if everything goes away, escalation will be the name of the game on all sides, and none of that is good.??? The talks have been focused on measures that would constrain Iran???s ability to quickly produce a nuclear bomb but allow it the ability to maintain what Tehran insists is a peaceful nuclear power program. The U.S. wants to turn back the clock, to ensure it could take Iran at least a year to build a bomb if it reneges on the deal ??? so fewer centrifuges for enriching uranium, eliminating its existing stockpiles of nuclear material and...
11/22/2014 06:33:28am
37 Homes Collapse, Dozens Injured in Japan Quake
Strong earthquake strikes central Japan, destroying 37 homes and injuring at least 39 people
11/22/2014 11:36:12pm
Strong Quake in West China Kills 2; 54 Hurt
Strong quake in western China's Sichuan province kills at least 2 people, hurts 54
11/22/2014 08:29:56pm
Somalia's Al-Shabab Kills 28 Non-Muslims in Kenya
Somalia's al-Shabab Islamic extremist rebels kill 28 non-Muslims on bus in Kenya
11/22/2014 08:24:12pm
Mexico Confirms US Agent Wounded in North in July
Mexico confirms US agent wounded while with marines, but denies report he was part of raid
11/22/2014 05:53:55pm
Poland's Ruling Party Wins Local Elections
Final results in local Polish elections show win for ruling party; exit polls got it wrong
11/22/2014 05:17:40pm
Albania Opens Secret Bunker Built by Communists
Albania opens a secret bunker that was built in the 1970s in case of a nuclear bomb attack
11/22/2014 04:24:39pm
Russian Tourist Arrested for Vandalizing Colosseum
Italian authorities fine Russian tourist $25,000 for vandalizing the Colosseum
11/22/2014 03:58:26pm
C. African Republic Women Stage Topless Protest
Central African Republic women stage topless protest sectarian violence
11/22/2014 03:34:25pm
Kerry Says Gaps Remain in Talks About Iran's Nukes
Kerry says gaps remain in Iran nuclear talks, raising questions about Monday's deadline
11/22/2014 02:49:49pm
Fog Forces 5 US Choppers to Land in Polish Field
Fog forces 5 US choppers forced to land in Polish field and spend the night there
11/22/2014 02:27:09pm
Watch: Pres. Obama, Speaker Boehner In Fiery Debate Over Immigration Action; Tensions Rising In Ferguson, MO
President Obama and Speaker Boehner caught in fiery debate over immigration action; Tensions rising in Ferguson, MO in anticipation of Grand Jury decision; Bill Cosby's career in turmoil amid allegations of sexual assault.
11/21/2014 05:28:00pm
Watch: Day in Pictures 11.21.14
GOP challenges Obama's executive order; Buffalo cleans up; Pakistan anti-government rally.
11/21/2014 04:27:56pm
Watch: Day in Pictures: 11/20/14
Images from across the globe: Congress Anticipates Immigration Speech, Senate Hearing on Airbag Recalls, Winter Blast in Buffalo, Christie's Art Auction in London
11/20/2014 05:58:56pm
Watch: Meet the Unlikely Man Behind Prague's Communism Museum
U.S. entrepreneur Glenn Spicker opened the museum in 2000 to help tourists understand a bit of the Czech Republic's history.
11/22/2014 06:10:14am
Watch: Arrests Made in Murders of Miss Honduras, Sister
Police have arrested two men for the murders of Marian Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia.
11/20/2014 10:35:23am
Watch: Yum! Brands' Pizza Hut Debuts New Menu
Pizza Hut aiming for millennials with new toppings and sauces.
11/20/2014 09:47:39am
Watch: Synagogue Attack Survivor: 'They're Not Gonna Stop Me'
Dr. Norm Heching describes his escape from two attackers inside Kehilat Bnai Torah synagogue.
11/19/2014 04:55:47pm
Watch: Day In Pictures 11.19.14
Thousands Attend Funeral of Israeli i Police Officer, Buffalo Snow Traps Residents In Homes, Stanton Signs $325M Deal With Marlins.
11/19/2014 04:52:22pm
Watch: Rabbis Return to Jerusalem Synagogue Day After Deadly Attack
Attackers homes demolished as death toll in gruesome killings rises to five.
11/19/2014 02:30:51pm
Watch: To Be a DREAMer and Live Legally In the US
When Evelyn Rivera was only 3 years old, her parents decided to leave Colombia for the United States, coming legally on a visa but then staying illegally.
11/20/2014 02:53:20pm
Full Episode: GMA 11/22: Hard-Working Housekeeper 'Pranked' with New Home
Two protesters arrested in Ferguson, Missouri; Residents being to recover from massive snowstorm in Western New York.
11/22/2014 02:43:29pm
Full Episode: Nightline 11/21: Scoring Black Friday Discounts All Week Long
In the Center of a Lion Feeding Frenzy; Inside the Most Expensive Home in America
11/22/2014 04:25:54am
Full Episode: 2020 11/21: Florida Nurse Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault
Woman Discovers Own Friend Allegedly Stole $13k From Her; Mom on Crusade After Catching Nanny Shaking Her Daughter
11/22/2014 12:46:10pm
Full Episode: WN 11/21: President Obama Stresses Non-Violence
Secrets of outlet holiday shopping; unlocking the past of David Muir's family with Henry Louis Gates.
11/22/2014 01:10:01am