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From Job to Job to Job, a Life Lived _ and Lost
With her final shift over, a young woman wearied by 3 jobs at last finds rest
10/25/2014 07:02:17pm
5 Injured in Explosion at Ontario Industrial Plant
5 injured, 1 critically, in explosion at Ontario industrial plant
10/25/2014 05:44:22pm
Botswana Ruling Party Leads in Early Vote Results
Botswana votes: Ruling party has early lead in election results, but opposition makes inroads
10/25/2014 04:50:42pm
Canada Reopens Grounds of Parliament Hill
Canadians return to reopened grounds of Parliament Hill days after gunman killed soldier
10/25/2014 04:26:54pm
Boat Accident Leaves 26 Dead in Zambia
Boat accident in Zambia leaves 26 people dead, most of them children
10/25/2014 03:36:51pm
Brazil's Election: 'Ghosts' Versus 'Monsters'
Brazil's election pits 'ghosts of past' against 'monsters of present' as president leads polls
10/25/2014 02:33:09pm
In Pakistan, a Coup That Wasn't
Mass protests fail to topple Pakistan PM, rattling conventional view of a country in crisis
10/25/2014 02:20:09pm
Clashes in Northern Lebanon Kill 5, Wound Others
Clashes in northern Lebanese city kill 5 people and wound over a dozen
10/25/2014 02:16:42pm
Ukraine Pauses Before Decisive Vote
Ukraine pauses before decisive parliamentary vote soured by specter of separatist conflict
10/25/2014 02:10:52pm
Egypt Leader: 'Foreign Hands' Behind Sinai Attack
Egypt's president says 'foreign hands' behind attack that killed 31 troops in Sinai
10/25/2014 02:10:52pm
Watch: NYC Subway Is free of Ebola, Maybe Not Fear
Dr. Richard Besser dispels some of the fears about riding the subway after Ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer used it this week.
10/24/2014 09:09:47pm
Watch: Day In Pictures 10.24.14
School Shooting In Washington State, 1st Ebola Case In NYC, Spider-Man Joins Hong Kong Protest.
10/24/2014 07:40:44pm
Watch: Canadian Gunman's Final Moments Caught on Video
Footage shows people in Ottawa running away from an armed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
10/23/2014 04:51:47pm
Watch: Canada's Leaders United After Attack On Parliament
Nation's lawmakers return to work in building marked by bullet holes.
10/23/2014 05:22:55pm
Watch: Inside the Hectic Scene in Canada's Parliament Building
ABC News' Dan Harris breaks down the details of the Canadian shooting at the scene.
10/23/2014 03:37:57pm
Watch: Canadian Parliament Praises National Hero Kevin Vickers
Vickers confronted, killed suspect in deadly shooting near Canadian parliament in Ottawa.
10/23/2014 04:35:43pm
Watch: Canada Shooting Hero Enters Parliament to Standing Ovation
Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers was warmly greeted by members of Canada's government in Ottawa.
10/23/2014 12:36:04pm
Watch: Day In Pictures 10.22.14
Shooting at Canadian Parliament, Hong Kong protest gets bloody, Munich soccer team meets Pope Francis
10/22/2014 05:56:14pm
Watch: Gunfire erupts at Canadian Parliament in Ottawa; Michael Brown autopsy results support cop's account; Journalism legend Ben Bradlee dies at 93
Gunfire erupts at Canadian Parliament in Ottawa leaving two dead; Michael Brown autopsy results support cop's account that Brown may have reached for gun; Washington Post Editor and journalism legend Ben Bradlee dies at 93.
10/22/2014 06:17:16pm
Watch: One Soldier, One Gunman Confirmed Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting
Security and law enforcement officials hold press conference to discuss developing events.
10/22/2014 03:50:14pm
Full Episode: 2020 10/24: Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries
Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Search for Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash; Psychics Convince Clients to Hand Over Thousands of Dollars
10/25/2014 06:27:22am
Full Episode: WN 10/24: Deadly School Shooting Near Seattle
New quarantine protocol for high-risk fliers in NY and NJ; Jake Gyllenhaal on why he chooses roles
10/25/2014 06:21:40am
Full Episode: Nightline 10/24: Teen Gunman Terrorizes Wash. State High School
The Stunt Double Duo Behind Hollywood's Most Epic Fight Scenes; Proboscis Monkeys, Nature's Swingers
10/25/2014 06:15:56am
Full Episode: GMA 10/24: New York Ebola Diagnosis Has City on Edge
3 Killed After Plane, Helicopter Collide in Mid-Air; Edward Norton Takes on Dark Comedy in 'Birdman'
10/24/2014 02:19:12pm
Full Episode: This Week 10/19: The Battle Against Ebola Continues
Guests: Judge Clay Jenkins, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Tavis Smiley, Mary Matalin, Stephanie Schriock, Bill Kristol
10/19/2014 11:35:32pm