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French Court Rules Against Burkini Ban
The ban was a clear violation of individual liberties, the court said.
08/26/2016 09:29:57am
Officials: Striking Miners Kill Deputy Minister in Bolivia
Striking miners in Bolivia armed with dynamite seized highways in a protest over mining laws and then kidnapped, possibly tortured and beat to death the county's deputy interior minister
08/26/2016 09:25:38am
Tunisian Parliament Voting on New Premier After Shakeup
Tunisia's newly nominated prime minister and his proposed Cabinet are facing a vote of confidence in parliament which would allow them to take power
08/26/2016 09:21:25am
The Latest: 3 British Citizens Among the Dead in Italy Quake
British authorities say they are offering support to the families of three U.K. citizens who died in the earthquake in Amatrice, Italy
08/26/2016 09:13:25am
France's Top Administrative Court Overturns Burkini Ban Amid Shock and Anger Worldwide
France's top administrative court overturns burkini ban amid shock and anger worldwide
08/26/2016 09:09:37am
Colombia's President Rushing Vote on Deal With Rebels
Colombia's president is rushing to hold a national referendum on a peace deal meant to end a half-century of conflict with leftist rebels, delivering the text of the deal to congress and declaring a definitive cease-fire with guerrillas
08/26/2016 08:59:23am
Rights Group Urges Russia to Release Crimean Tatar Leader
An international rights group has urged Russia to release a Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov who has been sent to a psychiatric hospital
08/26/2016 08:58:11am
The Latest: UN Says It Wasn't Consulted on Syria-Daraya Deal
The Latest: UN calls for protection of people being evacuated from Damascus suburb, says departure must be voluntary
08/26/2016 08:46:24am
US, Russia Renew Push for Elusive Agreement on Syria
US, Russia renew efforts to secure a military and humanitarian cooperation agreement for war-torn Syria after months of hesitation and failed attempts to forge a truce
08/26/2016 08:39:53am
Amatrice Mayor Says Aftershock Damage to 2 Roads Threatens to Isolate the Quake-Struck Town
Amatrice mayor says aftershock damage to 2 roads threatens to isolate the quake-struck town
08/26/2016 08:33:31am
Somali Extremists Attack Beach Restaurant Killing 8
Somalia police say that security forces have ended an overnight siege of a beach restaurant by al-Shabab gunmen in which eight people were killed
08/26/2016 08:33:29am
Saudi-Led Airstrikes Reportedly Kill 11 Civilians in Yemen
Yemen's rebel-run news agency says airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition have killed 11 civilians and wounded others in the northern city of Saada
08/26/2016 08:26:08am
WATCH: Burkini Bans Cause Controversy Across France
ABC News spoke to French Muslims who expressed frustration over the ban on burkinis, full-body swimsuits worn by Muslim women for religious reasons. Fifteen French towns have already placed bans on burkinis.
08/25/2016 09:41:03pm
WATCH: Ryan Lochte Summoned to Give Testimony for Rio
Olympic swimmer has said he "overexaggerated" robbery story.
08/25/2016 05:03:44pm
WATCH: Tropical Wave Headed Toward Florida, Bahamas This Weekend
Hurricane Gaston is expected to weaken later today and revert from a hurricane back to a tropical storm, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.
08/25/2016 12:23:46pm
WATCH: Woman Can Log-in With the Wave of Her Hand
A woman in Australia got micro-chip implants beneath her skin so she can make payments, log into her computer and lock her doors with the wave of her hand.
08/25/2016 08:24:21am
WATCH: Race For Survivors in Italy as Quake Death Toll Climbs to 247
Rescue workers raced to find survivors one day after a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy, killing at least 247, injuring hundreds more and leaving thousands homeless.
08/25/2016 07:37:58am
WATCH: Aerial Video Shows Italy Earthquake Devastation
Exclusive ABC News drone footage shows the earthquake-ravaged Italian town of Amatrice.
08/25/2016 07:25:59am
WATCH: Girl Rescued From Italy Quake Rubble 17 Hours Later
Nearly 17 hours later, rescuers pulled the girl from underneath debris.
08/25/2016 11:41:59am
WATCH: Death Toll Climbs to 159 After Earthquake in Italy
Officials say the towns of Amatrice and Accumoli appear to be the hardest hit by the quake, which struck at 3:36 a.m. local time.
08/24/2016 07:22:34pm
WATCH: US Navy Destroyer Harassed by Iranian Small Craft
The incident took place near the Strait of Hormuz.
08/24/2016 06:53:19pm
WATCH: VP Biden Uses Turkey Visit to Ease Tensions
The vice president arrives amid heightened tensions with the key NATO ally.
08/24/2016 06:01:48pm
WATCH: Rescue Attempts Underway After Fatal Quake in Italy
Workers continue to search for residents buried under the rubble of collapsed homes and buildings.
08/24/2016 05:20:05pm
WATCH: Death Toll Climbs to 120 After Earthquake in Italy
Workers continues to search for residents buried under the rubble of collapsed homes and buildings.
08/24/2016 04:43:51pm
WATCH: World News 08/22/16: ISIS Accused of Using Young Children to Carry Out Deadly Terror Attacks
Outrage Grows After Deadly Police Shooting of Unarmed Father; American Pole Vaulter Honored for Inspiring Olympic Moment
08/22/2016 10:58:50pm