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Search Underway for Marine Pilot Who Ejected Near Japanese Coast
The pilot ejected from the aircraft 120 miles southeast of Iwakuni, Japan.
12/07/2016 09:18:41am
Amid Battle With IS, Iraq Parliament Approves Next Budget
Iraq's parliament has approved next year's budget of about 100.67 trillion Iraqi dinars, or nearly $85.17 billion
12/07/2016 09:18:19am
ISIS Launches Overnight Attack Against Iraqi Troops in Mosul
Attack came a day after Iraqi troops advanced deeper into the city.
12/07/2016 09:17:41am
Pakistani Plane Crashes After Takeoff With 47 People Aboard
Pakistan's national carrier says one of its planes has crashed shortly after takeoff from the northern city of Chitral with 40 passengers and seven crew members aboard
12/07/2016 09:15:20am
Kenya President: Nearly 20 Dead as Medical Workers Strike
Kenya president says nearly 20 dead from lack of care as medical workers strike
12/07/2016 09:14:18am
Irish Court Orders Russian Oligarch's Assets Unfrozen
A Dublin judge has ordered authorities to unfreeze 100 million euros ($107 million) in cash belonging to an exiled Russian oligarch, ruling that police had provided no evidence that the funds were illegally gained as Russia contends
12/07/2016 09:12:51am
Gambia Leader's Upset Heartens Families of the Disappeared
Hundreds of people disappeared during the 22-year reign of President Yahya Jammeh in the tiny West African country of Gambia
12/07/2016 09:11:48am
ECB Seen Expanding Stimulus Amid Trump, Italy Uncertainties
Faced with too-low growth and inflation across the 19-country eurozone, the European Central Bank is expected to extend its stimulus program for at least another six months when it concludes its latest policy meeting on Thursday
12/07/2016 09:09:40am
Merkel's Conservatives Back Tougher Rules on Dual Citizens
Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party have voted in favor of scrapping rules that allow the children of immigrants to be dual citizens
12/07/2016 09:00:07am
Duterte Defends Police Accused of Killing Drug-Linked Mayor
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has defended a group of policemen who were accused by the government's main investigation agency of murdering a jailed town mayor linked to illegal drugs and added that he is ready to go to jail for them
12/07/2016 08:58:34am
Buddhist Scholar on Why the Dalai Lama Thinks a Woman Could Succeed Him
Dr. Robert Thurman, who has been a confident of the Dalai Lama for the past 52 years, offered his take on comments His Holiness made about future Dalai Lamas.
12/07/2016 08:55:39am
UN Prosecutors Demand Life Sentence for Gen. Ratko Mladic
U.N. prosecutors have demanded a life sentence for Gen. Ratko Mladic, telling judges they should convict and imprison the former Bosnian Serb military chief for orchestrating atrocities throughout Bosnia's 1992-95 war
12/07/2016 08:51:38am
WATCH: Powerful Quake Rocks Indonesia, Killing Dozens and Flattening Buildings
A 6.5 magnitude quake struck Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday.
12/07/2016 06:41:06am
WATCH: US to Return Some Land on Okinawa Military Base to Japan
Defense Secretary Ash Carter made the announcement in Tokyo on Tuesday.
12/06/2016 09:31:34am
WATCH: Flying Ice Delivers Frightening Surprise to Driver
A large chunk of ice flew off the roof of a truck and shattered the windshield of a passing car.
12/06/2016 07:30:35am
WATCH: Far-Right Candidate Loses Bid for Presidency in Austria
Austria's presidency is a largely ceremonial post, but if Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer had won, he would have become Austria and Western Europe's first far-right head of state since World War II.
12/05/2016 08:02:56am
WATCH: Cuban Grandmother With Alzheimer's Cries Upon Hearing of Castro's Death
The moment a Cuban grandmother in Miami, Florida, heard of Fidel Castro's death.
12/04/2016 01:36:44pm
WATCH: ARCHIVAL VIDEO: US Hostage Joseph Cicippio Released in 1991
Dec. 2, 1991: Cicippio had been held by the Islamic group Hezbollah in Lebanon for five years.
12/02/2016 03:36:27pm
WATCH: ARCHIVAL VIDEO: US Hostage Terry Anderson Released in 1991
Dec. 4, 1991: Anderson had been held by the Islamic group Hezbollah in Lebanon for seven years.
12/02/2016 03:35:13pm
WATCH: Seized Ancient Mummy Artifacts Unveiled
ABC News' Geneva Sands reports from Washington, DC.
12/01/2016 06:27:14pm
WATCH: Woman Buys 23-Pound Lobster to Set Him Free
The woman paid more than $200 to give the lobster a second chance at life.
11/30/2016 05:49:48pm
WATCH: World News 12/06/16: Alleged Road Rage Shooter Arrested for Manslaughter
Investigators Suspect Refrigerator May Be Behind Oakland Warehouse Fire; LA Officers Respond to a 'Specific Warning' Terror Threat Near Universal Studios
12/06/2016 10:48:35pm
WATCH: GMA 12/04/16: Oakland Warehouse Fire Leaves Several Dead
Family, Friends of Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims Search for Answers; Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin Tweet Over Continuing 'SNL' Skits
12/04/2016 03:58:13pm
WATCH: This Week 12/04/16: Mike Pence Discusses Donald Trump Transition
Guests: Mike Pence, David Petraeus, David Axelrod, Matt Dowd, Alex Castellanos, Sara Fagen
12/04/2016 03:06:07pm
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