Carly Fiorina Says Degree in Medieval History Will Help Her Defeat ISIS
Fiorina has a bachelor???s degree from Stanford in medieval history, philosophy.
10/05/2015 01:21:42pm
What Jeb Bush Says vs. What He Means
We take a look at a history of Bush's gaffes and explore what he says he really meant.
10/05/2015 07:18:28am
'True Believers' Pack the House for Bernie Sanders
Crowd in Boston estimated at 20,000.
10/05/2015 03:00:58pm
Demi Lovato Wants Mental Health to Be a Washington Priority
Pop star Demi Lovato is in Washington, D.C., advocating for mental health awareness.
10/05/2015 06:50:04pm
Chaffetz Says He'll 'Probably Lose' Speaker Bid
Rep. Jason Chaffetz handicaps his own chances at becoming the next Speaker of the House.
10/05/2015 06:21:18pm
Hillary Clinton Tears Up While Unveiling Gun Control Plan
Clinton unveiled her plan to reduce gun violence in New Hampshire on Monday.
10/05/2015 05:19:06pm
The Note: How Hillary Clinton Would Tackle Gun Control
NOTABLES --TODAY IN THE GRANITE STATE: Less than one week after the deadly shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, Hillary Clinton is set to propose a series of gun control measures she would enact if elected president, ABC's LIZ KREUTZ reports. Clinton's plan, which she plans to unveil at campaign events in New Hampshire today, comes two days after the Democratic presidential candidate blasted Republicans for putting "the NRA ahead of American families," and just hours after her Democratic challenger, Martin O'Malley, called on both Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to back his plan to reduce gun violence, which he announced last month. --WHAT CLINTON'S PLAN WOULD DO: Clinton's plan will continue calls for universal background checks and for the ban of military-style assault weapons from the streets. In addition, it will call for a crackdown on the sale of guns on the Internet and at gun shows -- something Clinton will say she will even take...
10/05/2015 09:17:30am
Book Excerpt: Anne-Marie Slaughter's 'Unfinished Business'
Excerpted from the book UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Copyright ?? 2015 by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Reprinted by arrangement with Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. All rights reserved. End Flexibility Stigma in the Workplace Real flexibility???the kind that gives you at least a measure of control over when and how you work in a week, a month, a year, and over the course of a career???is a critical part of the solution to the problem of how to fit work and care together. In most workplaces, however, flex policies exist largely on paper. It is often exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for employees to avail themselves of them. Even when firms and their managers actually support flex policies, employees often don???t ask. And for good reason. In a work culture in which commitment to your career is supposed to mean you never think about or do anything else, asking for flexibility to fit your work and your life together is tantamount to declaring that you...
10/04/2015 01:24:29pm
Christie Says America Should Get 'Tougher' on Mental Health
Chris Christie weighed in on the recent mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, saying that America should get ???tougher??? on mental health issues.
10/05/2015 08:21:11am
'This Week' Transcript: Donald Trump
THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT ANNOUNCER: Starting right now on ABC THIS WEEK, one-on-one with Donald Trump. Surprising new revelations from the Republican frontrunner. What would he do about guns in America? How does he respond to critics of his tax plan? And, what would make him quit the race. We're face-to-face with Donald Trump. Hillary's bad week. Donors, defecting. Her poll numbers, dropping. Can she turn her campaign around? And, gun debate firestorm. This morning, the clash over how to keep America safe heats up. From ABC News, THIS WEEK with George Stephanopoulos begins now. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ANCHOR: Good morning. A lot to get to this week. Our roundtable is standing by to reflect on the latest mass shooting in America. In that tragedy, the first topic I address with Donald Trump. Brand new polls out this morning show him still leading the GOP field and we met in his offices high above Central Park Friday afternoon, just hours after a clearly angry President Obama...
10/04/2015 11:49:55am
5 Stories You'll Care About in Politics This Week
What the ABC News politics team is tracking in the week ahead.
10/04/2015 01:24:24am
Watch: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Says He's 'Probably Going To Lose' His Bid for House Speaker
Why Chaffetz Says He Can Still Beat His Own Prediction
10/05/2015 06:27:42pm
Watch: Obama Discusses Syria, Gun Violence in Presidential News Conference
The president spoke on a wide range of issues after saying farewell to Education Secretary Arne Duncan.
10/02/2015 06:50:33pm
Watch: Nancy Pelosi Confronted on Abortion Views
The Top House Democrat was questioned by a reporter on her abortion views.
10/01/2015 06:04:43pm
Watch: Donald Trump Offers ABC News' Tom Llamas a 'Love Tap'
It happened shortly after the Republican presidential candidate held a town hall in New Hampshire.
10/01/2015 12:11:03am
Watch: Ben Carson on How He Would Handle Hurricane Joaquin: 'I Don't Know'
GOP candidate Ben Carson could not say how he would handle Hurricane Joaquin when asked by ABC News' Tom Llamas.
09/30/2015 07:22:30pm
Watch: GOP Campaign Trail Hits New Hampshire
Trump, Carson, & Bush host campaign events in New Hampshire.
09/30/2015 05:35:16pm
Watch: Washington May Avert Fiscal Shutdown
Congress is expected to a pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government funded through Dec. 11.
09/30/2015 04:54:08pm
Watch: Jeb Bush Compares Himself to Former Presidential Candidate John McCain
GOP candidate Jeb Bush tells ABC News' Tom Llamas he's not frustrated by the crowds that Donald Trump and Ben Carson attract.
09/30/2015 03:43:59pm
Watch: White House Reacts to Kim Davis, Pope Francis Secret Meeting
Obama spokesman says Davis must follow "rule of law," breaking with Pope Francis view.
09/30/2015 02:54:11pm
Watch: Tom Brady Walks Back Support of Donald Trump for President
The New England Patriots quarterback says he just counts the Republican presidential candidate as a friend.
09/29/2015 04:46:39pm
This Might Be the Best Thing Joe Biden's Ever Said
The VP's latest Bidenism.
10/03/2014 11:48:58am
Photos: Michelle Obama Visits Japan
As she enters her 50s, a look at the first lady's life and times.
03/20/2015 08:30:27am
Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton
Meet Hillary Clinton: Everything You Need to Know (And Probably Didn???t Know) About The 2016 Presidential Candidate.
07/26/2015 11:14:07am
Everything You Need To Know About Rand Paul
Meet Rand Paul: Everything You Need To Know (And Probably Didn???t Know) About The 2016 Presidential Candidate
07/28/2015 01:13:39pm