Georgia Republicans Look to Settle Their Feud
Rep. Jack Kingston and Dollar General ex-CEO David Perdue square off Tuesday.
07/22/2014 09:26:56am
Hillary Clinton: Israel 'Provoked' By Hamas
During back-to-back Facebook and Twitter chats Monday evening, Hillary Clinton weighed in again on the growing tensions in the Middle East, reiterating her hope for a ceasefire in the region and stressing her view that Israel has largely been “provoked� by Hamas throughout the conflict....
07/22/2014 03:00:44am
Gun Control Takes Center Stage on Chris Christie Conn. Trip
GREENWICH, Conn. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie traveled to Connecticut to campaign with Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, but the issue of gun control dominated the evening. Outside one of the fundraisers Christie attended, he was greeted  by about 170 protesters angry at his...
07/21/2014 09:41:16pm
Georgia On Our Minds
By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES TIME TO PICK A CANDIDATE: Two months of Republican-on-Republican badmouthing will finally come to an end in Georgia tonight, according to ABC’s CHRIS GOOD. Either Rep. Jack Kingston or former Dollar General CEO David Perdue will become the GOP candidate...
07/22/2014 09:00:16am
New Alison Lundergan Grimes Ad Hits Mitch McConnell on 'Not My Job' Comment
Alison Lundergan Grimes’ is out with a new television ad  hitting her opponent, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on comments he made about his role in  job creation in April. ABC News got a sneak peak of Grimes’ second television ad featuring Kentuckians asking questions to...
07/22/2014 05:32:18am
Primary Season Continues: Georgia Votes in Run-Off
ABC News’ Shushannah Walshe and Christopher Good report, with  FiveThirtyEight.com’s Harry Enten: WHO’S ON THE BALLOT? Voters in Georgia will cast ballots in primary run-offs today. One race, the GOP run-off for the open Georgia Senate seat, will set up a  2014 fight between tonight’s...
07/22/2014 04:04:46am
Will National Guard Help Stop Immigrant Influx in Texas?
Gov. Rick Perry has mobilized 1,000 National Guard troops to the border.
07/21/2014 07:30:12pm
John Kerry Arrives in Cairo to Broker Ceasefire as Israel/Gaza Fighting Rages on
Kerry is on a mission to try to stop the bloodshed.
07/21/2014 07:08:44pm
Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts Awarded Medal of Honor for Valor in Afghanistan
The former paratrooper was wounded while battling Taliban fighters.
07/21/2014 06:51:18pm
Close Encounters With Putin: What Bush And Biden Saw
Two American leaders who went eye-to-eye with the Russian president.
07/21/2014 05:39:45pm
President Obama Reveals His Top 5 Secrets to Success
The president reflected on the principles that got him to the White House.
07/21/2014 05:08:14pm
Watch: President Obama Awards Medal of Honor to Afghan War Hero
Former Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts honored at the White House for his actions during the battle of Wanat.
07/21/2014 05:56:16pm
Watch: President Obama Awards Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Ryan M. Pitts
Pitts was honored for his heroics during the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan.
07/21/2014 04:30:15pm
Watch: Obama: Russia, Putin Have Responsibility to Compel Separatists to Cooperate
The president delivers remarks on the inability of international investigators to gain access to crash scene of MH17.
07/21/2014 12:41:52pm
Watch: Medal of Honor Recipient Describes Actions During Battle with Taliban
Ret. Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts risked death to maintain post during Battle of Wanat.
07/21/2014 01:21:51pm
Watch: Iowans Hit Up Chris Christie for Selfies and a 2016 Promise
The New Jersey governor wows potential caucusgoers with his visit to the Midwestern state.
07/18/2014 03:04:25pm
Watch: Obama: At Least 1 American Killed on Malaysia Flight 17
The president says he will remain in close contact with world leaders in response to catastrophe.
07/18/2014 12:57:46pm
Watch: Maker of AK-47 Among Those Targeted by New Obama Sanctions on Russia
U.S. president also hits Russian banks and energy firms in response to the conflict in Ukraine.
07/16/2014 07:05:43pm
Watch: House GOP Makes Case to Sue Obama
House Republicans say President Obama is overreaching with executive orders.
07/16/2014 04:18:41pm
Watch: Hillary Clinton Has a Vision for Her Next Office
The former secretary of state gets laughs on "The Daily Show" while being coy about plans for 2016.
07/16/2014 08:28:27am
Why Political E-Mails Are Getting Even Weirder
Like car salesmen itchy to make quota, political campaigns ooze with desperation as the first of each new month approaches. The Federal Election Commission counts donations monthly in an election year like this one, and candidates get eager to post impressive numbers before the deadline as signs of momentum and strength. So they soak their backers in pleadings, proddings, urgings, come-ons and sometimes even threats all via email -- a source of campaign fundraising that’s exploded over the last decade.
07/10/2014 10:58:20am
Behind-The-Scenes On The President's Asia Trip
Here's what life is like inside the presidential bubble.
04/23/2014 04:00:58pm
2014's Weirdest And Wackiest Campaign Ads So Far
As one campaign ad ironically admits, nobody likes political ads. But we think you’ll get a kick out of these. From castrated hogs to talking dogs, the ads may lack gravitas -- but they seem designed to attract attention.
07/14/2014 09:46:41am
Photos: Michelle Obama Tries Tai Chi in China
As she enters her 50s, a look at the first lady's life and times.
03/25/2014 03:21:46pm
The Clintons Are Beatable And Other Lessons From the Primaries
What last night's key contests taught us about the 2014 midterm cycle.
05/21/2014 07:32:41am