Marco Rubio Opposes Drafting Women
Rubio previously said Selective Service should be opened up to women.
02/13/2016 06:02:27am
What to Watch for at Tonight's GOP Debate
GOP presidential candidates will take the stage in Greenville, South Carolina.
02/13/2016 03:18:57am
Clinton’s New Tactic to Keep South Carolina Dems in Her Corner
Anyone who missed Thursday’s Democratic debate in Milwaukee could have tuned in to Hillary Clinton’s event in South Carolina for the highlights. In fact, it might have been clearer what she was trying to accomplish. Lines met with gentle nods in Wisconsin were greeted with vigorous applause Friday by the residents of Denmark, South Carolina, a rural town with a population of less than 4,000. At the heart of her message was a phrase that Clinton repeated multiple times during her remarks. “I want you to understand, I will not promise you something I cannot deliver,” Clinton said. “I will not make promises I know I cannot keep.” The pragmatic vow was a subtle dig at her opponent Bernie Sanders, who has campaigned on platforms of free college and universal healthcare. But it also functioned as a reminder to communities like this one – rural, poor, and overwhelmingly African American – that voters here have been burned before. In 1993, Denmark’s local school district was one of...
02/13/2016 05:21:37am
Jim Gilmore Suspends Presidential Campaign
The former Virginia governor is ending his bid for president.
02/12/2016 05:59:40pm
Trump Tweets He Has 'Standing to Sue' Cruz
The Cruz campaign began running multiple ads attacking Donald Trump.
02/12/2016 07:16:56pm
Sunday on 'This Week': John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders
Kasich, Rubio, and Sanders will appear on "This Week" Sunday.
02/12/2016 04:29:21pm
Congressman Pays Off Super Bowl Bet With Biscuits and Fried Chicken
“It doesn’t get better than this,” Rep. Mike Coffman said.
02/12/2016 02:50:03pm
Sanders Praised by Jewish Groups on Both Sides of the Aisle
Sanders, the son of a Polish immigrant, made history in New Hampshire this week.
02/12/2016 03:19:33pm
Kasich Physically in SC, Mentally in Michigan
"I can’t wait to get to Michigan," the Ohio governor told reporters in South Carolina.
02/12/2016 12:00:51pm
Selfie-Shy Obama Grants Pic With Ellen DeGeneres
The president is not a fan of selfies.
02/12/2016 11:44:17am
Watch: California Congressman Vapes at Committee Hearing
Rep. Duncan Hunter busted out his vaporizer in a House Transportation Committee hearing today while debating an amendment from Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, that would formally ban the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes on airplanes.
02/12/2016 08:01:05am
Watch: Sixth Democratic Presidential Debate In A Minute
A look at some of the highlights from the sixth Democratic presidential primary debate of the 2016 presidential election hosted by PBS on Feb. 11, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
02/12/2016 07:31:00am
Watch: Jeb Bush Says He's Giving Up Profanity for Lent
Bush hopes to set an example for certain other candidates.
02/11/2016 09:19:33pm
Watch: New Bernie Sanders Ad Features Eric Garner's Daughter
A new online ad by the Bernie Sanders campaign features Eric Garner's daughter, Erica Garner, explaining why she is backing the Vermont senator.
02/11/2016 08:42:51pm
Watch: Pres. Obama Greets Babies on Ropeline in California
President Obama greets babies upon arrival in San Jose.
02/11/2016 06:12:49pm
Watch: Sen. Bernie Sanders' Staffer Reacts to New Hampshire Primary Win
ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports from the Bernie Sanders victory party in Concord, NH.
02/11/2016 05:21:10pm
Watch: John Lewis Speaks About Bernie Sanders' Civil Right Activism
Lewis spoke at the Congressional black Caucus political action committee's press conference announcing endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
02/11/2016 02:01:13pm
Watch: Bernie Sanders Says He's 'Closed the Gap' with Minority Voters
Bernie Sanders told ABC's Cecilia Vega he had work to do to earn minority voters' support, but had already closed the gap.
02/10/2016 07:12:36pm
Watch: Marco Rubio Admits 'Maybe That Was a Mistake' to Not Attack Fellow GOP Candidates
Marco Rubio talks to ABC News' Jonathan Karl about his performance in the Feb. 6 Republican debate.
02/10/2016 05:14:51pm
Watch: Kid Cries Over Mom's Vote in New Hampshire
The boy wanted his mom to cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.
02/10/2016 12:52:29pm
This Might Be the Best Thing Joe Biden's Ever Said
The VP's latest Bidenism.
10/03/2014 11:48:58am
Photos: Michelle Obama Visits the Middle East
As she enters her 50s, a look at the first lady's life and times.
11/04/2015 12:15:45pm
Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton
Meet Hillary Clinton: Everything You Need to Know (And Probably Didn’t Know) About The 2016 Presidential Candidate.
12/19/2015 12:50:28pm
Everything You Need To Know About Rand Paul
Meet Rand Paul: Everything You Need To Know (And Probably Didn’t Know) About The 2016 Presidential Candidate
07/28/2015 01:13:39pm
5 Times Obama Ditched His Shoes Overseas
He visits a lot of historic sites, which often necessitates footwear removal.
01/25/2015 02:00:49pm