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Toyota's Struggles In The U.S. Car Market Are Concerning
Toyota Motors has seen its U.S. sales decline by 9.1% so far this year compared to sales over the same period last year. While overall auto sales in the U.S. have declined, the industry-wide decline of 1.5% is much smaller than Toyota’s decline.
03/27/2017 01:59:00pm
Adobe Price Estimate Revised To $132, Here's Why
Adobe successfully transformed its business model over the past few years, from a perpetual licensing vendor to a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. As this transformation gained momentum, the number of subscribers for its Creative Cloud grew
03/27/2017 01:51:00pm
Billionaire Bill Gross Settles 'Cabal' Lawsuit With Bond Giant Pimco After 2014 Ouster
Billionaire bond investor Bill Gross has settled his $200 million suit against PIMCO, the trillion dollar bond firm he co-founded in the 1970s.
03/27/2017 01:46:00pm
The World's Richest Hedge Fund Billionaires 2017
03/27/2017 01:46:00pm
This Fearless Girl May Change The Face Of Wall Street For 1 More Year
Fearless Girl stands defiantly on Wall Street for another year. But will she stand permanently?
03/27/2017 11:32:00am
Snap Is Finally Getting Some Love From Wall Street
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others have come forward with bullish ratings.
03/27/2017 11:15:00am
Saudis Show Commitment To Aramco IPO With New Tax Plan
In a move of surprising transparency, the Saudi government announced that it is lowering the tax rate its national oil company, Saudi Aramco, pays from 85% to 50%. What does this mean for the Kingdom, Aramco's IPO and oil markets?
03/27/2017 09:56:00am
The Case For An Optimistic Economic Forecast For 2017
The optimistic case for the economic forecast in 2017 is based on business optimism. Right or wrong, many executives, small business owners and investors are optimistic. That could trigger immediate spending and employment gains. I personally don't buy this story, but it's one to consider.
03/27/2017 09:30:00am
Why And How To Play Investment Chess When Others Are Playing Checkers
You can approach and execute your strategy like a checkers player or more like a chess player. That means considering not only the investment environment that exists in the moment, but also having the perspective to realize that possible changes to that environment will occur in the future.
03/27/2017 09:18:00am
Top Internet Fund Manager Tony Mitchell Is Staying Away From Snap
Shortly after Snap, Inc.'s (Nasdaq:SNAP) initial public offering, Robert Frazier recommended SNAP for 2017. But Tony Mitchell, another Marketocracy Manager, says SNAP is overvalued, will take too long to grow into its valuation if it ever does, and presents too much risk to invest in at this time.
03/27/2017 09:00:00am
35 Cartoons On How Technology Gets Us Hooked
03/27/2017 09:00:00am
RBS's Decision To Close 158 Branches Should Boost Retail Banking Profits
Earlier this week, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group announced that it will close as many as 158 branches across the U.K. – making it the latest bank to pare down on redundant branches as customers switch to mobile and internet banking services for many banking needs.
03/27/2017 08:36:00am
Moore's Law's Over: Don't Buy Intel, Qualcomm Or Western Digital
Moore's Law is now a historical artifact and that has left its former practitioners -- Intel, Qualcomm, and Western Digital -- in a growth quandary. Don't rush to buy their shares.
03/27/2017 08:09:00am
How To Avoid A 401(k) Meltdown If The Trump Rally Fizzles
You may be headed for a meltdown in your 401(k) if you're mostly in actively managed funds. Here's how you can protect yourself.
03/27/2017 07:45:00am
A Slovak Finally Makes It On Forbes Billionaires List, But Czechs Lead Way
Slovakian businessman Ivan Chrenko, majority owner of real-estate developer HB Reavis, becomes the first man from his country to make it on to the Forbes billionaires rich list with a $1.1 billion fortune, but neighbouring Czech Republic sees six men make the list - one up from a year before.
03/26/2017 09:33:00pm
Wall Street 'Stockmarket Of Apps' Crowdfund Scores $100,000 From Blockchain Exchange
A platform dubbed the ‘Kickstarter for Apps’ on the Blockchain, U.S.-based fintech start-up Apptrade, has received a $100,000 boost and backing midway through its crowdfund from a leading decentralized exchange in the blockchain and crypto space, coinciding with terms for investors being improved.
03/26/2017 02:47:00pm
Obamacare Is Here To Stay For A Long Time, And That's Good News For Big Insurers
Obamacare is here to stay -- for years to come, following Congress’ failure to repeal it. Perhaps until soaring insurance rates and pharmaceutical prices bankrupt America.
03/26/2017 12:38:00pm
States With The Highest Medicare Enrollment
03/26/2017 12:38:00pm
With The Model 3, Tesla Takes Bumpy Road Beyond Wealthy Enclaves
The Model 3 will put Tesla on the road to the mass market. Expect a bumpy ride.
03/26/2017 12:26:00pm
A Virtual Reality Application That Will Go Mainstream First -- Likely Very Soon
The application of Virtual Reality in our daily lives is going to change the face of our world much like the smart phone did.
03/26/2017 09:30:00am
8% Yields Ready To Withstand A Pullback
If you’re worried about a pullback, I don’t blame you. But don’t sit in cash and earn nothing when you can hedge your portfolio AND collect yields up to 8%.
03/26/2017 09:05:00am
5 Can't Miss Dividend Hikes Coming This Spring
“If you’re not growing, you’re dying” is a well-worn phrase slathered all over the business and investment world, for good reason: It’s true. And it strikes a particularly loud chord when it comes to dividend investing.
03/26/2017 08:34:00am
3 Risky Dividend Stocks You Must Sell Now
According to Standard & Poor’s, 85 American companies cut their payouts in January and February.
03/26/2017 08:08:00am
Seems Like Wall Street Desperately Wants The Markets Down, What Should You Do?
How bad does Wall Street want markets to crash?
03/26/2017 06:05:00am
The Wells Fargo Fake Account Scandal: A Timeline
03/26/2017 06:05:00am