City Will Reevaluate Fireworks Ordinance

Several cities in the Hawkeye State will reevaluate their ordinances regarding fireworks usage after a hectic 4th of July holiday. Four cities in the Des Moines metro area have already come forward with the decision to rethink their policies and the Fairfield City Council discussed the same possibility at Monday’s City Council meeting. Councilors reported receiving complaints from citizens about the noise as parents were attempting to put children down for the night, with Councilor Michael Halley stating that at times in his neighborhood it “sounded like a war zone.”
Fairfield Police Chief Dave Thomas reported an increase in calls to the department but most people, he said, were unaware of the time frame associated with the discharge of fireworks and had questions. Thomas also reported no instances of injuries and said there were no citations issued. The council agreed to take another look at the ordinance next spring.